We Grow From Healthy Soil Planted by our Ancestors

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    ” Our ancestors planted us in rich, fertile soil. They fertilized our soil with their energy, thoughts, and deeds. They fought for us. They struggled for us. They set standards, values, and examples of how to calibrate the moral compass. They left a legacy of self-determination, cooperative economics, faith and hope, and plenty of happiness and love. They showed their strengths and weaknesses. They showed compassion. They had their highs and lows. Most importantly, they gave us life.     I am grateful for you, Ancestors. Thank you for the legacy of a robust, vibrant, rich, and healthy life. I embrace your insights and foresights. As with all generations, there is a “rise-up to meet.” Your foundation is strong. I feel it at every turning point. I continue to grow into your footprints. I am grateful for your mind and heart. Thank you, Understanding, in me, through me, as me, around me, through the Christ within. And so it is.”

 Behold, the Lord your God has given the land before you; go up and possess it, as the Lord God of your fathers has said to you; fear not, neither be terrified.Deuteronomy 1:21
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Your assignment

What are you planting today that will prosper for and in future generations? List and share your life’s attributes.