Our History

Mark Owen and Ann Lineve Wead are maternal first cousins and co-founders of the Atlanta area-based Good Genes Genealogy Services LLC. The cousins combined their interest in family history with backgrounds in human resources, journalism, grant writing, public service and higher education. The duo cultivated an active path forward as family historians and professional genealogists with a specialized focus on African American and Afro American ancestry.

Good Genes was founded in January 2021 with a look forward to a post-COVID world while linking our past to the present. It is a professional service company with capabilities of researching family histories, especially around and the “brick walls” involving Black and Native American families. The cousins also conduct individual how-to tutorials and group workshops.

The first six months of 2021 were devoted to pro bono services by Ann and Mark. It is part of their deep commitment to give back with thanks for the journeys they have accomplished and for the sacrifices and endurance of their ancestors.

Good Genes is proud of its monthly e-books available in multiple, online locations that include our publisher’s website, and on Amazon, Nook, Indie Books and other global sites. The e-books will accompany future webinars.

Thank you for joining this journey with us to help you.

Check out daily posts @goodgenesgenealogy on wordpress, fb, twitter and via goodgenesgen@gmail.com. Also check out @weadwriteandgenealogy on wordpress.

Go to our website, https://goodgenesgenealogyservices.com for more exciting experiences.


“Keep doing what you are doing. It is working.”

Ancestor, Ret. Col. Herbert Parker