Looking for “gold” in your genealogy pursuits?

Colored farmer find $16,000 buried in land in 1897

Always keep searching for your ancestors and their stories. Here’s one about someone’s “colored” ancestor, D.H. Johnson, who was farming in February 1897. He hit hard ground while plowing a field near Hogansville, GA. He kept removing the layers of stone until he located what was estimated to be $16,000 in coins, including some from foreign soil.

Today, that would amount to approximately $600,000 according to government calculations. According to this newspaper clipping, Johnson placed the money in the bank. “…the theory is that whoever owned the money hid it out until some secure time, when they would look for it again” the article reported.

Takeaways for Genealogy Researchers

There are likely several ‘pots of gold’ hidden in the earth or within walls or in between mattresses by individuals hiding their assets from others for various reasons.

  1. Follow your spiritual intuition and recall conversations, other memories from your ancestors.
  2. Act on it with a general sense of wisdom. For instance, if you are pointed in a certain direction, believe it.
  3. Enjoy the journey as it will always yield surprising results.

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