What about the Sons and Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passage?

If you are like me and have ties to African American and/or Afro Caribbean ancestry — even a smidget — you are likely a candidate for membership in this great organization: Sons & Daughters of the United States Middle Passage.

Take the time to learn more about historical events involving our special category of ancestors. We devote at leat five hours per week to researching and learning more about Black genealogy.

Start right here with this conference. It begins Frday, May 21, 2021 at 5:45 p.m. EDT. Welcome to the annual conference!

For more information about the Friday-Saturday conference, check out its event page. Be sure to register and also consider adding a donation:


Friday, May 21, 2021 at 5:45 PM EDT
Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT
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Dr. Evelyn A. McDowell 
Sons & Daughters of the U.S. Middle Passage 
email: info@sdusmp.org

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2021 Annual Conference and

Annual Award Ceremony

On Friday, May 21, we will hold our 5th annual awards ceremony. We honor the work of individuals who helped us, through their service and research, remember and commemorate the estimated 10 million people who were enslaved in the United States and colonial Engish America. Our keynote speaker will be Nicka Sewell-Smith, and our networking event will follow the awards ceremony.  

On Saturday, May 22, we hold our 4th annual conference. This year we have over 18 presentations, including “ancestor poster sessions,” a networking/gaming event, and service and book awards. Nicka Swell-Smith will be our plenary speaker before we break into three breakout rooms. In those rooms, we will hear over 10 presentations throughout the day. At lunchtime, we will cook with Chef Keesha O’Galdez and hear a presentation from genealogist Andre Kerns. There will be a business meeting for members of the organization after the conference.  

Other speakers include Bernice Bennett, Ric Murphy, Rahkia Nance, Margo Lee Williams, and Yvette LaGonterie. See our conference website for complete information about events and bios of our speakers.  

More Information

Please visit our conference website for full information about the conference.

Consider a Donation

Please conside a donation to help us fullfil our mssion and to defray the cost of programing.  We are grateful for any amount.  SDUSMP is a 501(3), charitable  organization and all donations are tax-exempt.  We are a 100% volunteer organization and all of your donation goes directly into furthering our mission.  Just go to www.paypal.me/sdusmp and make your contribution.  Thank you in advance.  Register Now!

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