#23 Who do you think you are?

Ultimately, who are we? Based on our twisted and tangled family histories, African Americans and Afro Caribbeans are the ones whose ancestors were sold and traded to satisfy enslavers’ mortgages and other sales.

We want to get answers to this question about ‘who are we?’ as we remove bricks and tree forests to answer our questions. If you have not already considered submitting to a genealogy DNA test, it will become increasingly necessary to fully engage in the scientific credible or best estimates of family trees.

“Everyone’s DNA cocktail is not the same,” said noted genealogist Nicka Sewell-Smith during a recent webinarThe Annual Forgotten Patriots and Daughters of Color Luncheon, where she provided compelling evidence of the benefit of mixing DNA results into the difficult research stages to secure her family’s missing links.

The Good Genes Genealogy Services team is 100 percent DNA tested. Based on the results from both founders, it will provide a better reading of the Owen-Weed-Wead-Owens family tree that is colorful mixture of European, African and U.S. ancestors. There is so much to learn about DNA research and results and I invite readers of this blog to consider reading another favorite blog to learn just a little bit more aobut the possibilities of nailing better estimates on your families’ histories.

Stay tuned to this blog to learn about the Aug. 1, 2021 e-book by Good Genes Genealogy. It will go more indepth about four subjects each month.