#12 Genealogy 101 Tip: How to begin your basic, 4 generational research

One of the most often comments I receive from individuals wishing to learn more about their ancestors is something like this:

“I don’t know much or anything about my relatives on my mother’s (or father’s) side.”

“Genealogy research is too time consuming.”

I understand.

Step One

Build your tree by placing your full name (ladies: Please include your maiden name and place the married surname in parantheses) on the single line. That information is placed on the left side of this form:

Next, if you know your parents’ full names, follow the same instructions as above. Be sure to list the full names and that includes all previous marriages (if applicable) on the line

If you do not fully know either or both of your parents, and/or if you are adopted, record the information that your know.

Next, do the same for your grandparents and great-grandparents.

In all, write what you know. It will lead to questions that may or may not be answered by living relatives, friends, neighbors, clergy and other sources.

Whatever you build, do not discard it as it will serve as your foundational beginnng to a long and wonderful detective hunt for your family.